Sascha Vykos

Wandering Priscus of the Sabbat


Sascha Vykos, born as Myca Vykos, is a Noddist scholar, Tzimisce scientist and Cainite monster. They have long been a staunch supporter of Sabbat freedom, and act as its chief torturer.
A musician with a scalpel, Sascha understands the nuances of every physical sensation and the nerves best suited to receive its ministrations. They are also a creature of learning, with a collection of books and artifacts to humble the halls of all academia.

Sascha’s enemies, including the Gangrel Beckett and the Malkavian Anatole, believe they hold cult-status within the Sabbat, wherein sect members emulates their actions. In truth, however, Sascha is a monster beyond their own years. Few could ever understand the grand schemes of the Sabbat’s ronin priscus.


Sascha Vykos

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