Tihuţa Tablets

Clay tablets


The clay tablets (13 of them in all) have some sort of ancient cuneiform symbols pressed into them. These symbols are the written form of a lost language (one of the first spoken tongues
in the world). Few besides the Antediluvians would recognize it. While the characters may certainly copy it, they can not even begin to translate it, except for the presence of a solid-gold plate covered with similar symbols that rests beneath the clay tablets. The plate translates the symbols into Latin.

When translated, the tablets (though not a complete entry)
reveal the following words:

Thus, I set down my true visions that I may remember and keep to the Path I have chosen. Only I of us all shall know the truth and this shall be my shield and my spear. Most exalted shall I be in the time of the Final Days. Even the Father shall quail before my might.

Let the lesser ones war one upon the other, each hearkening to the omens that I have foreseen. Fools, all! By my guile, they know not the actual signs, but merely shadows of those things that shall be.

Let the world tremble when I come in my might and majesty, for I shall rule above our Father, above the Mother who gave succor to our Father, above the children of Seth, yea, even above God himself. Let the reign of blood commence.


Tihuţa Tablets

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