Velya, the Vivisectionist, is an elder of the Sabbat and a Tzimisce of exceptional power and enlightenment in the Path of Metamorphosis. He was one of the main leaders of the Tzimisce branch of Anarch Revolt, and the Sabbat’s mightiest Koldun.


Once known as Velya the Flayer, he and Myca Vykos were the chief conspirators of Lugoj Blood-Breaker in the formative years of the Anarch Revolt when they broke their blood bonds using Kupala’s sacred fire-flower, established the Vaulderie, and destroyed the Tzimisce Antediluvian.

As a founding member of the Sabbat he serves his sect as the Cardinal of the Tzimisce Old Country, the Land Beyond the Forest: Transylvania. He is tasked with either claiming the territory of the hoary old Tzimisce voivodes that he once rose up against or else enticing them into joining the Sabbat.


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