Melinda Galbraith

Compromise candidate for Regent of the Sabbat


Melinda Galraith is considered to be one of the most dangerous vampires in the world, notorious for her cruelty. She is a stunning woman with dark brown hair and hazel eyes and is always dressed in the finest clothes money can buy.


Melinda was born in Spain. In life, she was a slave and hated being a slave but was captured and forced to leave Europe by her sire, Helena.

Helena embraced Melinda in 1143. Together they traveled to Mexico with the Conquistadors, where they waged war against the Aztecs. Then without a word of warning Helena abandoned Melinda. After that the Sabbat came, and Melinda joined them eagerly, as it helped her break the Blood-Bond, that held her in Helena’s thrall.

Melinda Galbraith

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