Francisco Domingo de Polonia

Lasombra Archbishop of New York City


Francisco Domingo de Polonia is a prominent Lasombra of the Sabbat. He has reigned as the Archbishop of New York City since 1761.

To his chagrin, the sunburn that Polonia was suffering from at the time of his Embrace has stayed with him through the centuries that followed, a fact that draws his anger whenever a neonate is foolish enough to mention it.


Born in Spain in the late 1560s, Polonia came to the New World as a stalking horse for Juan de Oñate’s expedition into Mexico (specifically, in what is now New Mexico). Having proven his worth over the course of the (failed) mission, Polonia was Embraced by Antón de Concepcion in 1600.

Polonia quickly honed his skills of tactics and networking, turning Lupines against his old foes in Santa Fe and ascending within the ranks of his clan through the Friends of the Night. During the late 18th century, he assisted Regent Gorchist’s ongoing effort to end the First Sabbat Civil War. In 1761, Gorchist appointed Polonia to the rank of Archbishop in the burgeoning city of New York, earning Polonia the ire of Ecaterina the Wise and the other sitting Bishops of New York. Other Bishops were appointed under Polonia in the years to come, notably Radu Bistri, who stayed only long enough to help Gorchist end the Civil War via the Purchase Pact and never amassed the local influence — or the desire — to challenge Polonia’s authority.

Francisco Domingo de Polonia

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